After 4 years full time at the BCNO (now BCOM) Garry qualified as an Osteopath and Naturopath. A subsequent post graduate course enabled him to practise Trigger Point Therapy.  This was followed up in 2003 with a Licentiate in Acupuncture (BCA).

For the last 30 plus years he has been blending the aforementioned therapies together to bring about individual recipes for pain-free management and resolution of pre-existing conditions, whilst simultaneously improving all-round health and well-being in his clientele.

Osteopathy and Naturopathy is Garry’s true vocation.

“Some of my earliest recollections are of homemade wholemeal stoneground bread, Haliborange tablets and cherry flavoured cod liver oil.  Looking back, that probably set the scene for the rest of my life, nutritionally speaking anyway.

In my first proper job, at Midland Bank, whenever I wasn’t busy I always had my nose in a health book.  I soon realised banking was not for me but that I could literally have my cake and eat it..I could earn a living doing what I enjoyed most!

I get huge satisfaction from fixing folk. There is no single recipe for success.  Learning what makes people tick helps provide the ingredients necessary for a positive outcome…..
Increasingly these days, people don’t just come for a quick fix (sticking plaster), rather they are looking for treatment AND prevention.”

Treatment – What to expect

At the initial consultation (which also includes treatment), following a Q and A session, the timeline of events leading up to the present day is established and, whenever the facts allow, a likely explanation is given for what the client is experiencing at that time.

Beyond the actual treatment received in the therapy room, attention to the specific remedial exercises given (homework), plus fitness and lifestyle factors are key to successful outcome. Whatever the condition, a team effort between client and practitioner is more likely to ensure a happier ending.