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Live Blood Analysis Session


This session inlcudes a full consultation including real-time live blood sample, where you get to see your blood live on-screen. The procedure involves taking a single drop of blood from the finger which is placed onto a clean microscope slide and viewed under a specially adapted microscope. Following observation a written report will be created within 5 days, and feedback will be presented via telephone, at a mutually convenient time, to discuss the analysis, and our bespoke recommendations. Text or email support is available for 4 weeks following.

Further Live Blood Analysis sessions are advised to monitor progress over time. We recommend a minimum of 6 weeks between each Live Blood Analysis to allow ample time for effective change from the recommended protocols to be achieved.

Live Blood Analysis Support Package


Everybody's journey is unique, which is why we provide tailored support and guidance to help our clients make the neccessary changes that are right for them. 

Our LBA Support Package gives you everything included in the LBA Session: real-time live blood sample, written analysis feedback report, bespoke recommendations, 4 weeks of text/email support; plus you receive a 90 Minute 1:1 support call, dedicated to you and what you want to achieve moving forward.

This may include elements of Health Coaching, Life Coaching, Dietary & Lifetsyle Advice, Emotional Empowerment, Minsdet Change, Relaxation Therapy.

*Support call to be utilised within 2 weeks of analysis.

Blood Group Type Testing


Supporting your body with foods that complement your unique Blood Group Type can prove extremely beneficial in improving the health of the biological terrain. We always recommended this as a protocol and therefore it is advised you supply us with your Blood Group Type information. If you do not know your blood group type we can take this test during the LBA session or after.

Add the "HeartSync" system

for just £45

Gain a full understanding of how stress is impacting the quality of your blood, and contributing to your current symptoms and health challenges, so you can become even more empowered to shift from stress to strength.


Using HRV devices you'll gain deeper insights into how stress is truly playing in your life. Seeing the effect stress is having on your blood, along with the effects on your sleep and energy levels,  you'll be able to recognise your triggers and, with our guidance, gain the tools to reduce stress and take charge of your health.


Add the HeartSync system to your Live Blood Ananlysis today and become even more empowered on your journey to great health!

For more info about HeartSync click here.

My first experience with live blood analysis has been a journey filled with learning and knowledge about my body. Julie's expertise in the analysis is truly remarkable. She goes beyond interpreting results, providing wider context through her extensive health and well-being knowledge and by asking all the right questions. I discovered that even the smallest changes can bring about a significant improvement in energy levels and have other positive effects on my body.

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