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PEMF Therapy

PEMF therapy is like giving your body a turbo boost of energy using magnetic fields. It essentially revs up your cells' batteries, making them work better together. This means your heart function improves, your blood flows better, and you feel more energised. With regular sessions, it's like upgrading your body's performance to a whole new level of wellness.


What is PEMFT?

PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) therapy is a revolutionary approach to wellness that harnesses the power of electromagnetic fields to rejuvenate and energise the body at a cellular level. Imagine it as an intense, personalised version of the natural electromagnetic energy the Earth provides, tailored specifically for your body's needs.

How does it work?

At its core, PEMF therapy involves immersing your body in a field of magnetic energy generated by a specialised mat. Within this field, an abundant supply of electrons is delivered across your tissues, powered by the electrical current flowing within the mat. While the Earth naturally produces similar electromagnetic energy, PEMF therapy amplifies this effect, providing a potent boost to your body's cellular function.

Lying in Green Field
Yoga by the Ocean

What are the benefits?

Our cells require substantial energy to carry out their daily tasks effectively. This energy is primarily derived from mitochondria, the tiny rechargeable batteries within each cell. PEMF therapy speeds up the mitochondria, allowing them to regain their full potential and support various bodily systems that may be underperforming. Whilst the benefits are vast, PEMF therapy can deliver the following results:

  • Better circulation

  • Pain reduction

  • Improved muscle relaxation and performance

  • Decreased inflammation and swelling

  • Improved oxygenation in tissue

  • Enhanced cellular repair and recovery

  • Improved immune system

  • Better sleep

Why PEMFT is crucial

Consider the heart, for example. Each heart cell contains thousands of mitochondria, and PEMF therapy prompts these cells to resonate harmoniously.


This synchronisation leads to stronger ventricular contractions, enhancing the heart's efficiency and circulation.


As a result, the blood circulating during PEMF therapy sessions becomes supercharged, facilitating greater nutrient and oxygen delivery to tissues throughout the body.

Vasculature of the Heart
Running Outdoors

How long is a session?

The effects of PEMF therapy extend beyond immediate improvements in cardiovascular function.


With regular sessions, the body reaches a new plateau of physiological efficiency.


Multiple treatments per week further amplify these benefits, setting the stage for enhanced overall wellness and vitality.

With each session just 30 minutes you can expect faster results in less time.

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PEMFT Sessions

Each session lasts up to 30 minutes and costs £45.

PEMFT is non-invasive and hands-free therapy, which means you can lay back, relax and receive deep, restorative healing.


Support Packages

3 for 2!

PEMFT is most effective the more regularly it is applied.

Our 3 for 2 offer means you will receive 3 consistent treatments in one week for just £90.

This journey exceeded all my expectations, offering a holistic solution that treated the root cause, not just the symptoms. I've always believed in addressing the root of a problem, and I wholeheartedly recommend like-minded individuals to consider this path. This journey is far from over; it holds the promise of continued recovery and preventative care.

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