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It all began when I sought alternative treatments, including osteopathy, trigger point therapy, and acupuncture. Little did I know that these therapies would uncover hidden blood-related issues that demanded urgent attention. My first appointment for blood analysis confirmed the severity of these problems, putting my future health at risk. That's when my journey took a pivotal turn.

Facing a crossroads, I had to make a crucial decision. It was a choice between following the advice of holistic treatments or embarking on the conventional medical route. Seeking further guidance, I consulted a senior medical practitioner. They recommended additional tests and, to my surprise, prescribed medications like warfarin and statins. But there was a catch – these medications only addressed the symptoms and didn't get to the root of the problem.

I chose the path less traveled, putting my faith in lifestyle changes and dietary improvements. With unwavering support from my wife, I embarked on this journey of self-improvement. The results were nothing short of astonishing. My blood pressure, which had been alarmingly high, dropped significantly. I shed excess weight and witnessed a boost in my energy levels. My body responded positively. Lost muscle mass began to return. A host of health issues began to fade away – no more protruding veins, no headaches, and even my deformed toe nails began to heal. Stress became more manageable, and even my eyesight showed signs of improvement.

Six weeks in, I underwent another blood analysis, and the change was nothing short of unbelievable. I still had a way to go, but it felt more like fine-tuning and polishing from here on. With the guidance and support of Julie and Garry, I was on track to feeling better than ever before. It's as though my body was saying, "Finally, he gets it."


This journey exceeded all my expectations, offering a holistic solution that treated the root cause, not just the symptoms. I've always believed in addressing the root of a problem, and I wholeheartedly recommend like-minded individuals to consider this path. This journey is far from over; it holds the promise of continued recovery and preventative care.

Can you truly put a price on your life and well-being? It's all about how badly you want to live and be truly healthy.


I can't find fault with this journey. The results thus far speak for themselves. So, if you're looking to empower your body to heal itself, enhance your health, and tackle the underlying causes of health issues, open your mind, and make an appointment today. What are you waiting for?


Don't wait for a crisis; take charge of your health now.

Alan B, South Lincolnshire

I cannot express how incredible the service from Julie has been. From our very first appointment, where she expertly reviewed my blood analysis, I was amazed at her extensive knowledge in various areas related to well-being. Julie provided me with invaluable insights into what's truly happening inside my body.


The main outcome was gaining a profound understanding of my body and learning how to improve my energy levels. Through Julie's guidance, I now have a clear understanding of a few key changes that can make a significant difference. Simple adjustments like improving my water intake and reducing gluten have had a remarkably positive impact on my energy levels.


Julie's service allows you to look inside your body in ways you may never have explored before. The realisation that small changes can have a huge impact on the body is empowering.


The service encourages contemplation about various aspects of well-being, and Julie plays a pivotal role in driving this focus. The standard of delivery is exceptionally high, reflecting Julie's commitment to excellence.


My first experience with live blood analysis has been a journey filled with learning and knowledge about my body. Julie's expertise in the analysis is truly remarkable. She goes beyond interpreting results, providing wider context through her extensive health and well-being knowledge and by asking all the right questions. I discovered that even the smallest changes can bring about a significant improvement in energy levels and have other positive effects on my body.


I highly recommend Julie and the blood analysis service she offers.

Lisa, Peterborough

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